Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 26)

12/21/2012 6:00 PM

12/21/2012 6:00 PM

Time magazine once again proved how insignificant a publication it is by announcing President Obama as its “man of the year.” What happened? Did John Doe turn down the “honor” so it had to pick someone else?

I’m wondering if Obamacare will be as effective as the federal no-call list. I get unwanted political calls and people who want to fix my credit rate daily. It doesn’t appear that big government can control a simple list of numbers. How will it keep my medications straight?

No child is born knowing how to dress in camo, shoot a gun and target other humans. I think we should ban violent video games before we look at stricter gun laws. We are developing a culture that is devoid of moral law and desensitized to violent behavior. What do we expect?

I want a cop in every elementary school until strict gun laws are in place.

When are we going to admit that “gun-free zones” do not work? All they do is assure the criminal there will be no one to offer any armed resistance. If anything needs to be done, it should be to allow teachers and adult students to protect themselves.

We need to address and treat the root cause of all of these mass shootings. Just hoping that it doesn’t happen again isn’t the answer.

Several film openings were delayed, and cable channels postponed several shows out of respect to the victims of Sandy Hook school. Does no one realize that if films can’t be seen at any time, they never should have been made in the first place?

The fruits of the NRA and Charlton Heston’s cold, dead hands are now being harvested at the expense of first- and second-graders, not standing ground, but now a part of it.

Ban guns and people will just construct bombs or some other destructive device to cause harm. Evil is the problem.

In Mexico, normal citizens do not have the right to possess guns. Maybe all the Second Amendment haters should move there, where it is safe.

This must be how God feels when thousands of his children are murdered every year from abortion. Ban abortion and you will save more children than you will banning assault weapons.

People who can see a human life in a one-cell egg or even after eight weeks are just playing a game to get their way, and their way is the highway or no way. The truth is what sets you free, not tricks on the Internet.

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