Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 25)

12/25/2012 12:00 AM

12/21/2012 5:58 PM

Why is it that if a Republican lies to Congress it’s a felony, but if a Democrat lies to Congress it’s just politics as normal?

The Republican Party leadership is to politics what the Westboro Baptists are to religion.

It’s been four years since the U.S. Senate passed a budget. Is this leadership? No doubt each senator has drawn a regular paycheck during this time. There should be some way to keep them all from running for re-election. We deserve better than this.

On “Morning Joe” Friday, Rep. Tim Huelskamp showed himself to be a rigid right-wing ideologue. Since the Republican right doesn’t know how to compromise, I guess it’s “over the cliff” we go.

How great it was to watch Huelskamp get schooled by Joe Scarborough. He just doesn’t learn.

I don’t think the general public realizes that for more than 50 years, if you wanted to hunt ducks in Kansas you were only allowed three shells in the gun. Game wardens were allowed to check your gun at any time. Now clips to kill people have no limit.

I bet that the American ambassador and three others at the Benghazi consulate could have benefited from having gun protection.

We don’t have the money to pay teachers what they are worth as they educate our future leaders, but we have enough money to hire armed guards? Really?

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most fear liberty.

I do not understand why the NRA felt the need to comment on the recent shootings. I never hear AAA comment when someone uses a vehicle improperly and illegally to kill people. I don’t remember plane manufacturers commenting when their products were used to murder more than 3,000 people.

When my wife yells at me, it’s “constructive criticism.” When I yell at my wife, it’s “domestic violence.” Wichita police and courts are completely out of control.

I drove through town to see the Christmas decorations. There were none (I did see a little flag). How sad. Is Wichita that poor that we cannot celebrate with decorations the most blessed time of year? In the ‘50s, it had beautiful decorations.

It’s the holidays. Will someone please show the people from Butler County how to wash their cars and trucks?

To all the people taking more trout than their limit: I am watching you.

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