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12/26/2012 12:00 AM

12/21/2012 5:50 PM

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Every time I see or hear the news, there is another report of a business closing its doors. Many have been operating for a lot of years. And so President Obama’s and the Democrats’ vision for the future marches on, unrestrained by the uninformed and ignorant who put them in office.

The economy is not OK. We’re dangling from the edge.

In January my wife and I will receive cost-of-living increases on our Social Security. After figuring the Medicare increase and Medicare supplement increases, we came out $7.48 behind in net income. Now Obama plans to “curtail” future increases. Any more “curtailing” and I will be in the poorhouse.

So Tim Huelskamp, who went to Washington bragging that he was going to “stick it to Obama,” thinks that his treatment by Republicans was petty and vindictive? Go figure.

Huelskamp clings to his political beliefs, resulting in his demotion, while his constituents experience the demise of a strong voice in matters of importance to Kansans. If memory serves, even Dan Glickman and Todd Tiahrt occasionally compromised their political ideology in an effort to promote legislation favorable to their Kansas constituency.

2012: The year the Republican Party totally jumped the shark.

Some teachers in Sandy Hook gave their lives to protect the children in their class. I am certain teachers in our classrooms would do the same thing, but all Gov. Sam Brownback can do is form a task force to look for ways to further undermine public education in Kansas.

Anyone who suggests that any murder is condoned or sanctioned by the NRA is ignorant and delusional. The NRA stands for safety, training and responsibility, as well as all of the Constitution. Any hate directed at the organization or its 4 million members is seriously misdirected.

Gun control will have the same results as alcoholic-beverage control did during Prohibition.

Our national debt is not a taxing issue, just as murder is not a gun issue.

If a city has so much as a single Jew, Buddhist, Shintoist or Muslim, how does a city logo with a cross represent them? Buhler weighed in on the side of the Constitution. Good job, people of Buhler.

Unless the party on the other end of your cellphone is deaf, please tone it down. We are not interested in your personal conversations. We hear way too much information.

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