Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 24)

12/24/2012 12:00 AM

12/21/2012 5:23 PM

The city of Wichita wouldn’t have to apologize for not getting the streets treated properly if city officials had paid attention to the local weather forecasts. KSN had been saying for a couple of days prior that this could make driving hazardous.

I’ll bet Mayor Carl Brewer’s street was the first to be treated Thursday morning.

Today’s Kansans are certainly far removed from the pioneers who settled and built this state. There doesn’t need to be snow, just the prediction of a relative small accumulation, and we start closing schools. Our ancestors must be shaking their heads in disbelief.

Those who would trade freedom for security shall have neither.

I see that there are numerous prayer meetings for the Newtown shooting victims. If prayer were allowed in the schools to begin with, this might not have happened.

To Republicans who say putting God back in our schools will stop the school shootings: If we do, will you give us your guns? There will be no need for them then, right?

The shooter at Newtown school, who killed mostly 6-year-old beautiful children, was wearing a bulletproof vest. So it wouldn’t have worked to shoot him with a gun.

Some politicians want to give seashore communities billions of dollars to rebuild after Sandy, but these same politicians refuse corresponding reductions in other programs. Only those who are willfully blind cannot see that America must limit government spending. Voters should replace such irresponsible politicians.

The next time a letter or Opinion Line comment equates guns with pencils, hammers, airplanes, cars, etc., why not require the author to produce a pencil or hammer designed to kill, an airplane designed to crash, a car whose only function is to kill, etc.?

The blood is not on the NRA’s hands for the recent tragedy. It’s on the people who lobbied away our long-term mental health facilities and allowed insurance companies to serve the bottom line and not the people needing care.

Now that House Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” nonsense is out of the way, he needs to abandon the extreme right wing and work with Obama to create a consensus plan that will pass with bipartisan support from moderate Democrats and Republicans.

All members of Congress who went home for Christmas break without helping to solve our fiscal mess should submit their resignations now. We need problem solvers, not politicians.

How is the Intrust Bank Arena doing? About average. Not as good as last year, but better than next year. Happy New Year.

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