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12/24/2012 12:00 AM

12/21/2012 5:15 PM

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I kind of like the idea of cutting down our Kansas House from 125 to 105 members, one for each county. Save some bucks.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp is no more “principled” than our other conservative Kansas representatives in Congress. They just don’t use insults, sarcasm and general disrespect as their way of doing business. A principled man always entertains the possibility he might be wrong.

Motorists have been pulled over on I-135 north of Wichita for police to use drug-sniffing dogs to check vehicles, thus giving officers the OK to search the vehicles. Is this constitutional? What’s next? Stops for not paying child support, or to see if your kids are eating unhealthy snack food?

Drivers who stop in the middle of 21st Street to wait for 30 to 35 Canadian geese to slowly cross the street are going to cause somebody serious injury. Keep moving somewhat slower; the geese will get out of the way.

Now that most companies don’t allow smoking on their premises, folks are taking their cigarette breaks in my neighborhood. They line our streets and toss out the cigarette butts when they are done. Please have the courtesy to at least use your ashtrays and keep my neighborhood clean.

Why is it OK for the media to use children to pull heartstrings regarding gun legislation, but they have total disregard for addressing anything regarding mental health issues? There are bigger problems brewing in this country than just gun problems.

Do today’s parents, like parents of the 1950s, tell their children that guns don’t solve problems and that only cowards carry guns?

Guns are not the answer. They are 90 percent of the problem. If we got rid of all the assault weapons that are not needed by the public and kept them in the military’s hands, we would not have as many deaths. The American people do not need these guns.

People who believe guns are the problem are the problem.

President Obama seeks a ban on sales of assault weapons. Great – then only the drug traffickers his administration sent them to will have assault weapons. And that’s how they got to run rampant in Mexico.

The double standard is painfully obvious. Hurricane Katrina was described as all George Bush’s fault. We have not heard a peep of criticism of Obama’s slow and ineffective response to Sandy.

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