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12/23/2012 12:00 AM

12/21/2012 5:12 PM

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How many times do we have to fly the flag at half-mast? Shouldn’t we just recognize that catastrophe is the new normal, whether it’s mass murder, war, terrorism, economic crisis or massive storms caused by climate change? A half-mast flag just reminds people of the continuing chaos and creates a feeling of doom.

It’s pretty simple: Do we care more about ease of access to assault rifles and bullet magazines, or 6-year-olds?

Our friendly Democrats have been trying to take firearms away from law-abiding citizens for more than half a century. Once again, a maniac appears, children die and political pretense rears its ugly head.

Tennessee wants to arm teachers. So now not only are they expected to be babysitters and social workers but also security personnel, while the politicians clamor to cut their salaries and numbers.

Mental health policies and magazine capacity need to be addressed. However, armed police or security at our schools is what is needed. If our children are our main priority, as we say, then we should put our money were our mouth is.

It’s obvious that the mass shooters cannot see the “no guns allowed” signs. Shouldn’t a law be passed making these signs larger?

The stupidest thing our government officials can do is to do something just so they can say, “We’re doing something.”

With new laws passed this year, my vacation plans next year will include Colorado or Washington state. I can’t wait.

Medical cannabis patients are being thrown under the bus, as the only group representing their interest has been hijacked by avid recreational users.

How much intelligent representation can we expect from a legislator who claims he “misunderstood” or made an “honest” mistake when his repeated misdeeds are brought to light? A dunce cap for Michael O’Donnell, or maybe those who voted him into office.

Stephen Ware is another activist law professor advocating a solution to a nonexistent problem (Dec. 16 Opinion). The appellate-judge selection process doesn’t need changing. It is based on merit, not politics, as Ware would have it. Please ask your legislators not to drink the Kool-Aid.

Giving out millions in bonuses to the Hawker Beechcraft senior leadership team would be like giving the captain of the Exxon Valdez a bonus. It’s time our legislators wrote some laws to stop these criminally immoral practices.

I bet the Koch brothers do everything they can to make the Kansas economy grow so the Brownback tax cuts appear to work.

Unions are the most responsible for the high prices we pay for food, clothing, homes, cars, etc. Right on, Michigan.

Everywhere I go, someone is popping gum so loudly it irritates me. Be considerate.

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