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12/21/2012 5:10 PM

12/21/2012 5:10 PM

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If we really want the fiscal cliff “crisis” solved, lock President Obama and the congressional leadership in a room, set the thermostat to about 40, and no booze, no media types, no staff. I suspect they would get it done by Christmas.

Lawn darts were banned in the U.S. after one child was fatally injured. Yet we can’t ban assault weapons after 20 children were killed?

How sickening to see the Democrats politicizing the recent shooting, spewing the words “gun control” and not saying a word about the real problem – the lack of diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems.

The media need to stop stating that the shooter had Asperger’s syndrome or autism, as if that were the reason for his outrage. My son has Asperger’s and is extremely loving and empathetic. The media are just perpetuating the mental health stigma in this country. Please stop.

I was just at one of our middle schools and was appalled at the lack of security. I walked in and around. No one questioned me or even looked at me. This needs to be addressed before something does happen.

Stop making bullets. Then there will be no need for guns.

I just want to know, from any hunter, what do you need an assault rifle for? What do you need a clip of so many bullets for?

In the 1950s, we played army with realistic toy guns and eventually air rifles. Before we were teens, everyone knew who could or couldn’t be trusted with a firearm. Our politically correct society no longer permits this, so we find out through incidents like Newtown.

What a tragedy to have innocent children slaughtered in what should be the safest possible place – their mother’s womb. Oh, wait – that’s just a mother exercising her “choice.” Well, Adam Lanza exercised his choice. What’s everyone so upset about?

As a lawyer, I thank the governor for fixing it so I don’t have to pay income tax in 2013. I will invest that money out of state and take an out-of-state vacation. You working stiffs can make up the difference.

My sincere disapproval goes out to those who choose not to wash their hands after their use of a public porcelain throne, and consequently provide me and countless others with a dose of their own nasty stomach and intestinal infection. Please wash after use of the toilet.

Shape up, Wichita. You have a problem if your belly precedes you.

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