Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 21)

12/21/2012 12:00 AM

12/20/2012 4:53 PM

If Friday is the last day of the world, what is proper etiquette as far as what you wear? Is it OK to max out your credit cards? Is it OK to call in sick to work or take a day of vacation? I am so confused. I cannot find a book on what to do on the last day.

President Obama flatly rejected House Speaker John Boehner’s Plan B. Boehner does not understand that negotiating with the president means just doing what he demands.

It is understandable that it is desirable that the payroll tax holiday be continued. However, its continuation will ultimately mean erosion of Social Security benefits or life of the program.

Guns don’t kill, “people” do? Those “people” believe the Second Amendment states handguns and assault rifles are a right, as do gun lobbyists, paranoid politicians, the NRA and the gun manufacturers. Those weapons only belong in the hands of law enforcement and military. Toughen the laws to protect our babies.

If the principal at the school in Connecticut had had a gun under the counter, the man bent on evil would have gotten no farther than the office. “Gun-free” zones just let the criminals know that they can kill or steal and no one can stop them.

I want the principal at my grandchildren’s school to be an expert at elementary education, as he is. I want police, who are trained and experts in the use of weapons, to defend against the random chance of an armed intruder. I want semi-automatic weapons to be illegal.

Lacking in the intellect to express themselves, the United Auto Workers resort to signs, swearing, destruction of property and violence toward those who disagree. Shame on the UAW, and shame on professionals who belong to other unions.

I have decided to shop at stores that wish me a “merry Christmas.” Since 95 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas in some fashion, it is logical and in good taste to acknowledge this tradition. Merry Christmas, Wichita.

Tom Hayden is a far-left extremist, and his opinion means very little to me (“A grim postcard from Wichita,” Dec. 17 WE Blog excerpts). What else would anyone expect from this guy?

It’s big news that gas has dropped below $3 a gallon in Wichita. Well, it dropped below $3 in Kansas City weeks ago.

My neighbor’s 7-year-old grandson asked me why all the football teams had a coach except the Chiefs.

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