Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 20)

12/20/2012 12:00 AM

12/19/2012 5:30 PM

I have been following the responses to the tragedy in Connecticut, and I’ve become convinced that if we want to prevent any group of citizens from owning firearms, we need to start with the members of the NRA. Sandy Hook is a direct result of our society’s allowing them to indulge in their paranoid fantasies.

Getting the NRA to agree to laws to restrict assault rifles and high-capacity magazines would be like trying to get a Republican to raise taxes. Oh, wait – they’re the same people.

I agree that it is time to change the gun laws. It is also time to change the rating on games (the Newtown shooter liked games) and also to put God back into our lives.

The president is not the reason your life isn’t the way you hoped or planned. Your bad decisions are.

I think as time goes on, the people who run our country will look back and decide President Obama was not as smart as everyone thought and President Bush was not as dumb as everyone thought. What the Chinese do with that information is going to be the gazillion-dollar question.

The American government still doesn’t understand that friends can’t be bought. Quit giving the enemy money.

If you think the calls to secede are bad now, just wait until we have an economic collapse. As I recall, taxing and spending were big issues when the Colonies decided to separate from England. You’ll say, no, it was about lacking representation, but how many of us actually feel like we are being represented right now?

Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran did not “thumb their noses” at Bob Dole. They thumbed their noses at the United Nations. That is a big difference. The U.N. is the disgrace.

I want to know when this nonsense is going to stop. I witnessed a guy at QuikTrip buy junk food (drinks, candy, etc.) with a Vision card, and then go get into a practically new top-of-the-line Jeep with all the trimmings. That just isn’t right.

If a vehicle overtakes you in the left lane, you are required by law to yield right of way. The large number of deaths caused by fools who drive slowly in the left lane is why it is illegal to linger in the left lane on divided highways.

As an avid Sooners fan, let me say that there is nothing “shared” about the Big 12 title this year. K-State beat us fair and square. Enjoy it, Wildcats.

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