Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 19)

12/19/2012 12:00 AM

12/18/2012 6:50 PM

Why are prayer vigils held in public schools after a tragedy? Many of the people wondering why school massacres occur are the same people who fought to ban morality instruction and all references to God in schools.

If you bought your child or friend a violent video game for Christmas, you may be promoting another school or theater shooting in the future.

It is great to see all the people praying to God for the massacre victims in Connecticut. They are praying to the same God who could not or would not stop this tragedy from happening. Oh, wait – this just proves there is no God.

Those spewing about gun control and wanting to give up others’ right to bear arms should give up their right to free speech.

The day after the terrible school shooting, The Eagle front page showed hundreds gathered at a church for prayer and healing. If we had more people seeking faith, maybe we would have fewer of these tragedies.

Thanks for letting me know about the Freedom From Religion Foundation; I’ll make sure to join.

When Democrats control Washington, government tends to grow and become patronizing, overprotective and destructive of individual liberty. That’s why America does not have a king. If he has his way, President Obama will fundamentally change the United States and our freedoms will be lost.

A poll found members of Congress among the least-trusted professionals. And we give them nearly $4 trillion a year to spend. Maybe that helps explain the mess that we find ourselves in.

It is time for liberals to realize that they didn’t vote for a black man. They voted for a mulatto. Obama is half white and half black. How can others be racist if we voted against him? Which half did we vote against? It is his socialist, communistic, anti-constitutional ideas Americans can’t stand.

On Dec. 1 I received my Sedgwick County real estate property tax statement. It said that taxes were due and payable on Nov. 1 by Kansas statute, although I would be allowed until Dec. 20 to pay without penalty. It seems to me that I should have received my statement in November.

The only way to nail Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and get him to resign over his paid jobs in other states is for the media to investigate how much money he’s making or has made for such work. It’s time to say, “Gotcha, Kris.”

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