Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 18)

12/18/2012 12:00 AM

12/17/2012 5:52 PM

The Constitution starts out “we the people,” not “we the Democrats” or “we the Republicans.” The two parties need to put their differences aside and fix this mess that they got us into. If they can’t do it, we the people need to clean house in the next election.

The economy is so bad I can’t even afford to shop at thrift stores.

In all this wrangling over the fiscal cliff, where is the discussion of a flat tax? A 15 percent tax on all income (wages, dividends, capital gains, Social Security) coupled with means-testing on Social Security and Medicare and an increase in the qualifying age for the latter – problem solved.

Of course congressional Republicans prefer to eliminate deductions rather than increase tax rates on income. Rich folks don’t have mortgage payments or other traditional expenses that qualify as deductions. What they do have is income and plenty of it.

What’s the big deal about the Democrats’ increased tax on the so-called rich? How many people know that it would run the government for eight days only?

Republicans couldn’t buy the presidency, as they did some of the state offices. I am happy that the working people won the presidential election. If Republicans are going to try to buy the country, they should pay off the debt and do something good for a change.

We fought a war over race. Now we are fighting a war over the rich and poor.

When Obama was first elected in 2008, the country was excited about electing the first black president. Secession fever has nothing to do with race and everything to do with having a president whose radical ideology and policies closely resemble those of Karl Marx.

The 2013 calendar for the U.S. House has 126 days in session, 239 days not in session. Doesn’t it make you proud to see how “hard” the legislators work for the American people?

Has anyone else noticed how many folks are asking for help because of medical bills? The next person to go bankrupt and lose everything because of a medical condition could be you if Obamacare is stopped.

We should change the word “Christmas” to the word “Giftmas.”

I’m sick of hearing about Dec. 21. We will still be around. Nothing will happen. Anyone who believes in God would reject this stupid prediction. God is our Lord and Savior, not the Mayans. Wake up, people.

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