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12/18/2012 12:00 AM

12/17/2012 5:52 PM

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Every teacher in the country should be required to take self-defense classes, including firearms use and safety. Then they should take and pass the concealed-carry requirements for their state and arm themselves against the nutcases who would take their lives and the lives of their students.

Our politicians continue to cut funding to the mental health care support system, as the need for that continues to grow tremendously. This country once again grieves the consequences of those decisions.

You cannot control guns by adding more guns to the equation. How many more shootings will be sanctioned by the NRA and its ridiculous misinterpretation of the Second Amendment?

The Second Amendment is a relic of a bygone age. It should be repealed or amended.

Guns are all about people’s egos.

Everybody wants to blame the guns for the shooting disaster. But watch the commercials for gruesome video games, with people being blown to smithereens, or the shows with people being killed by the dozens. Plus, this country has devalued human life by aborting thousands of babies every year.

We are a society driven by profit at any cost. The monthly basic cable rate is almost $70, and a large percentage of the broadcasts are 30-minute infomercials. It’s like paying companies to convince me that I can’t survive without their products. If rates go up, my cable goes out.

I often wonder why we let civilians into our war zones, where they are subject to kidnapping. Then we have to rescue them with loss of life to our elite armed forces. Losing our Navy SEAL should not have happened.

For years we have heard President Obama spout empty words and promises during his almost daily campaigning. He puts his political career before the welfare of this country and its people by extreme borrowing and spending.

I don’t believe for a moment the tea party is dead. But I do believe that if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell remain leaders of the establishment Republicans, the party is doomed.

Politicians and military personnel are like old trousers: They only come clean in hot water.

Smart, law-abiding drivers never worry about so-called speed traps. I’ve driven in and around Wichita for 60 years and have never received a traffic ticket or caused an accident. It pays to follow the laws.

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