Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 17)

12/17/2012 12:00 AM

12/14/2012 6:34 PM

The other Wichita City Council members can whine about Michael O’Donnell all they want. But when it comes to handing tax money in any way to the Bowllagio or any other private developer, a bad idea is a bad idea. When are we going to kick out these City Council members?

How lucky can we get to have our state being run by a political party whose ranking members have questionable scruples, ethics and competency – even as the rest of the party sings their praises? More and more, Kansas is reverting to the good-ol’-boy philosophies of the deep Southern states of the 1960s.

It is destructive and it is pitiful when politicians pit one class of people against another. President Obama is infamous for using this tactic to further his own interests. Actually, we’ve never gotten a job offer from a poor man.

It is obvious from Michigan that Obama only believes in protection of citizens if they agree with him. A president should represent and protect all of the people. With one word he could shut down the violence.

Unlike the poor, elderly, infrastructure and affordable health care, the military has no worries of falling over the fiscal cliff. The National Defense Authorization Act recently provided $631.4 billion in discretionary funds to feed the voracious appetite of the military complex. I hope the spending will be scrutinized, maybe even criticized.

We had all those whiners blaming Obama when gas was $3.70 a gallon. Where are their thanks and apologies to Obama now that it’s $3.10?

Social Security and Medicare are not “assistance” monies. We paid for this with payroll deductions while we worked. Social Security and Medicare are paid benefits we are now able to receive after 40 years of working. Please get this correct. If Congress managed better, it would be a paid-for benefit.

If they do manage to avoid the fiscal cliff, I hope they keep it in a warehouse somewhere so later on there will be something handy for the politicians to fling themselves off of when they start committing hara-kiri.

Yet another mass shooting with 20 children dead. How barbaric does our nation have to become before we finally admit that our proliferation of guns kills people? Stuff it, NRA!

There are some Americans whose interpretation of the Second Amendment has led them to possess military-style tanks. What happens when one of those nuts cracks?

Many lawmakers are the puppets of the NRA and its promoters. Now they must free themselves of that, and have the courage to stop blatant gun proliferation.

Maybe schools should start employing FBI agents and SWAT teams.

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