Opinion Line (Dec. 13)

12/13/2012 12:00 AM

12/12/2012 5:19 PM

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I am definitely not in favor of giving amnesty to all the illegal aliens. If they want to live in the U.S., they should go home and legally apply to immigrate.

All this fiscal-cliff nonsense sounds like the nonexistent Y2K disaster. It’s a bunch of noise about nothing.

If it weren’t for the Republican-supported Bush-era tax cuts, there would be no fiscal cliff or need to raise the debt ceiling. Republicans own this mess lock, stock and barrel.

To the Kansas delegation in Congress: Work for a compromise. Ignore your pledge to Grover Norquist. You first pledged to do what was best for Kansans. Now show yourselves worthy.

Unions should be ashamed of their thuggery, but actually they’re proud of it. In the meantime, governments continue their programs against bullying. Looks like they aren’t working.

People are protesting the Michigan law that makes it a right-to-work state, much like Kansas and 22 other states. So women have the choice to abort a baby, but workers can’t choose if they want to belong to a union. Really?

I do not fear the Second Amendment, but I am angry because the NRA has twisted its intentions so nearly everyone can easily get a gun – crooks included.

Is anyone surprised Gov. Sam Brownback prefers sales tax to income tax? With sales tax, low- to middle-income earners who must spend every penny just to survive are taxed on each and every penny, while the wealthy are taxed on only the fraction of their income they spend.

With the Shockers doing well so far, you would think the student section would show a lot more pep. Come on, kids, get crazy.

Thanks, Bill Warren, for the upcoming “sensory friendly” movie screening. You run great theaters and do great things in our Wichita community.

Is it wrong to fantasize about accidentally getting locked in the Nifty Nut House overnight?

Thank you to the man named James in the red truck for the kind assistance. He helped us after a motorcycle clipped my dog while we were walking. Even though his truck got hit, too, his first thought was to help us.

I wish B98-FM would play new Christmas songs instead of the same ones over and over.

I work for the post office. There’s no war on Christmas.

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