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December 12, 2012

Opinion Line (Dec. 12)

If you fear the Second Amendment, stop robbing banks and burglarizing houses. No problem. Next?

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If you fear the Second Amendment, stop robbing banks and burglarizing houses. No problem. Next?

In the land of Oz, where the mantra is “private enterprise can do it better,” why are casinos owned by the state? Other states tax and regulate them only. Why does Kansas own what should be a private business?

I read of various governmental proposals being dismissed because they’ll only save a few million or billion dollars. A long time ago a self-made millionaire advised me in business, “Take care of the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves.” A good place to start.

In just my lifetime, our society has moved from emulation of the successful producer to denigration of that now-wealthy ogre. In other words, don’t strive to thrive, just vote and survive.

Take the pledge with me: “I vow to vote against my senators and my representative if Congress takes us over the fiscal cliff.”

Those of us who voted against Obama knew all about the fiscal cliff and saw it coming if he was elected. Where were the rest of you? In la-la land?

If I ran my personal finances like the Democrats seem to want to run this country, I would be in bankruptcy court every seven years. Is that really what we want for a future?

In 2014 and 2016, remember the House Agriculture Committee and the United Nations disability vote as you go to vote.

Does the impending wedding of Hugh Hefner to a woman 60 years his junior signal an endorsement of the “traditional marriage” that conservatives so enthusiastically defend?

Driving on a residential street in Wichita is like driving on an obstacle course. You try to swerve and weave to miss the holes, cracks, humps and trash while trying to avoid vehicles that people could and should park in their garages and driveways.

If you don’t want a ticket for speeding, there is a very simple solution. Don’t exceed the posted speed limit.

I hope those dancers (Dec. 10 Local & State) finish their noisy tribal dances so those of us who work nights can get some sleep.

What a sad day – jazz legend Dave Brubeck passed on the day before his 92nd birthday. I guess it was time to “Take Five.” He brought it to the world of jazz.

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