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12/09/2012 12:00 AM

12/07/2012 5:46 PM

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I’ll miss the old Kellogg and I-235 intersection. I have always considered getting on or off of Kellogg a thrilling challenge.

To those who chose their political party because it stands for morality, God-loving constitutionality, and see it as the party for all real patriots and law-abiding citizens: How come I see so many people speeding and rolling through stop signs? Could you be hypocrites?

Few things hasten an early death more quickly than an unwarranted fear of just such a fate.

I have worked hard and saved money my entire life so I won’t have to rely on government. Retirement is just around the corner for me, and I am now getting ready to fiddle while Rome burns.

Funny how the American dream used to be to get ahead. Now the best you can hope for is a tie.

If President Obama and the Democrats get their way on taxes, and I were one of their so-called rich, I would take myself and every penny of my money and leave the U.S. And I have little doubt a number of them will do so.

I’m willing to go back to the Clinton-era income-tax levels, and also to the Clinton-era spending levels.

What a disgrace that Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran voted against the ratification of the treaty to ban discrimination against people with disabilities when their mentor, former Sen. Bob Dole, came to the Senate in a wheelchair to advocate for the treaty. Dole’s the statesman. They were shameless partisans.

Congratulations to Speaker John Boehner for leaving Kansas without a member on the House Agriculture Committee for the first time in a 151 years. We won’t forget it. And he wonders why voters didn’t support Republicans in 2012.

Boo-hoo for poor congressman Tim Huelskamp for his very public demotion in Congress. He represents the worst in representative politics, and I hope that he and his political ilk (ideologically uncompromising Republicans and Democrats) are a dying breed, as they serve as unnecessary impediments for any meaningful progress.

Do you suppose Huelskamp calls what happened to the moderate Republicans in the Kansas Legislature “petty, vindictive politics”? I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored.

During a multiyear drought is not the time to begin fracking for oil or gas. The water should be used for drinking, or raising crops. Read the weather forecast, Gov. Brownback.

Praise Kochs from whom all blessings flow. Their wealth will trickle down below. They don’t pay tax, but we still do. Their money gave us Brownback, too. Amen.

I have a problem with the headline “Heroes of the heartland” (Dec. 6 Sports). They are football players, not heroes. They are good football players, yes, but they have done nothing heroic. Firefighters and police officers are heroes.

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