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December 8, 2012

Opinion Line (Dec. 8)

I make $30,000 a year. I just bought a house. Please don’t mess with that mortgage tax credit.

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I make $30,000 a year. I just bought a house. Please don’t mess with that mortgage tax credit.

The New York Times reported that Kansas gives businesses $1.01 billion a year in incentives. How does it feel to be a working taxpayer and know that the governor and Legislature just eliminated the business taxes? Maybe all the corporate welfare recipients should be drug-tested.

I want my Christmas presents made in the U.S. this year to help stimulate our economy. Unfortunately, the country of origin isn’t listed on most websites. Why can’t manufacturers put a U.S. flag sticker on their goods? Why don’t department stores have a department dedicated to U.S. products?

I had lived in the city since 1997 without getting a speeding ticket. Then I got two tickets on Meridian in September and October. Who had the idea to turn Meridian and 47th Street South into a speed trap?

Rep. Tim Huelskamp was removed from his committee positions in Washington, D.C., for not showing moderation with House Republicans. Too bad we can’t remove the majority of Kansas state representatives for the same thing.

I would hope that folks in Kansas would realize why we sent Huelskamp to Congress. He is trying his best to overcome the big spenders. Quit your whining and support him. We don’t need all these big-spending subsidies to survive.

Let’s go over the fiscal cliff. It may be the only way that spending will ever be cut.

George Bush’s legacy – the Bush tax cut. What a mess he left us with.

After four years, Obama and cohorts still blame Bush for their failures. A true leader accepts responsibility for his mistakes and failures. I would rather have a man of his word, with character, than an indecisive, truth-evasive Chicago politician as president.

Obama has proved himself to be an outrageous big-government big spender. While he says he wants a balanced approach, his words are nonsense. While he claims to favor compromise, hold your nose. It’s a terrible smell.

It looks like Obama should have bought Starbucks instead of GM.

I respect the Second Amendment as much as I fear it. Especially when I am unarmed.

Please don’t tell me we’re going to have to hear nine months of daily updates on the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. Who cares?

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