Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 7)

12/07/2012 12:00 AM

12/06/2012 4:59 PM

An ailing Bob Dole went to the U.S. Senate in a wheelchair to beg the Senate to approve the U.N. treaty on the rights of the disabled. Both Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran thumbed heir nose at Dole and voted “no.” What an absolute disgrace. Roberts and Moran should be ashamed of themselves.

Now Rep. Tim Huelskamp knows how moderate Republicans and Democrats feel in Kansas with a no-dissent policy. It also resends a message sent in the election.

Let me get this straight. Our country is possibly going into a recession, and there was an uproar over cutting funds for “Sesame Street”? Someone please tell me that “Sesame Street” isn’t more important than our country’s debt, more important issues that need funding or a fiscal cliff we are about to dive off.

Anderson Cooper was blinded for 36 hours from exposure to the sun. I thought it would have been from blindly supporting President Obama.

Why all the worry about the possibility of going over the fiscal cliff? I have news for you – we went over the fiscal cliff when Obama was re-elected.

To lay it on the line: If you’re against this quality, intelligent president, you’re undoubtedly ignorant, stupid or a bigot – possibly all three.

I assumed the secession threats after Obama won were like the rich Democrats threatening to leave if George Bush won in 2000 and 2004. On second thought, the country is broke, irreparably broken and hopelessly divided. Secession may be worth thinking about.

Buhler’s city seal showing a cross isn’t establishment of religion, but a depiction of Christian values. Buhler runs afoul of the Constitution’s “Establishment Clause” when it establishes a Christian church with city funds.

You call atheists fools for not believing in the invisible man who lives in the sky? Really?

Why is it that every time a crime is committed with a firearm, people are jumping on the bandwagon to ban them? Let’s also ban everything else that is dangerous. People die in car wrecks every day, so let’s ban cars. Fast-food chains make people fat, so let’s ban them.

If you think Jovan Belcher’s girlfriend would still be alive if he had not had a gun, you’re living in another one of those liberal, parallel universes. In addition, there are suicides every day without guns.

Many people do many acts of kindness every day. There just isn’t someone with a camera taking a picture of it.

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