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12/07/2012 12:00 AM

12/06/2012 4:59 PM

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To steal an idea from a favorite Robert Heinlein book: How about allowing only people who have served in the military to vote?

Bob Dole went to the floor of the Senate in his wheelchair to urge approval of a treaty modeled on the ADA giving disabled people over the world similar rights. It was stopped by 38 Republican votes. I no longer recognize the party I used to identify with.

So Tim Huelskamp got dumped from the House Ag Committee? Same old unyielding, uncompromising ideologue we moderate Kansans (not just Republicans) do not need nor deserve in Congress. Compromise is not a dirty word, and leadership requires respect for others. Huelskamp does not have the capacity for either.

Huelskamp was following God’s will with his principled votes. Compromise wasn’t even a word until Satan was cast from heaven to Earth. Shame on Speaker John Boehner for kowtowing to the Democrats and special interest groups.

If, as a Kansas representative, you are so ultraconservative that your own party cautions you, you have two choices: Pay more attention to the beliefs of the voters who elected you, or run for governor.

If the two parties of mega-egos do not come to a deal concerning the budget and sequestration takes place, will the Air Force One budget be cut at the same level as the rest of the Defense Department budget?

There are 54 “holiday trees” in the White House? Is it appropriate for the “green president,” the environmentalist in chief, to waste taxpayer money on the merciless slaying of 54 oxygen-producing trees?

I am convinced that Democrats want to fall off the fiscal cliff. What better way to raise taxes, not have to vote for them and be able to blame the Republicans?

A major downtown event was held Saturday, the first “Lights on the River,” and not only were there no Eagle photos, there was nary a word printed about it despite the crowd of a thousand or more. Does The Eagle consider Riverfest the only river event worth covering?

I just want to thank The Wichita Eagle for the lovely calendar that was stuffed in my Sunday paper. A Wichita calendar is long overdue and impossible to find. Wichita and the surrounding areas have many beautiful and inspiring scenes that welcome a camera lens. Please do this again next year.

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