Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 6)

12/06/2012 12:00 AM

12/05/2012 6:01 PM

If the press had been as diligent in the 1970s as it is today, and Richard Nixon had been a Democrat, there wouldn’t have been a Watergate scandal. The press would have shielded him, just as it is now shielding Barack Obama.

Why the blame game over a few lives lost in Benghazi? George Bush is responsible for the deaths of more than 4,000 of our troops and tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq. Where is the outrage over that?

Congress raised the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion just 15 months ago. Government officials already have blown through it. That’s a pretty big credit card. Now they need more. A lot more. Financial suicide. But that is what we voted for.

Obama plans to raise taxes $1.6 trillion. If you middle-class folks think that’s coming from the “rich,” you’d better think again.

Since I just turned 60, I’ve been worried about my Social Security and Medicare. I would be just fine if Oklahoma and Texas seceded and all those benefits ended up going to the rest of us.

We have a waning middle class and manufacturing due to the outrageous activity of the unions – paying people to do nothing, supporting bad behavior. That is why “we don’t build it here anymore.”

Regarding a letter urging drivers not to drive 60 mph or less in the middle or left lanes of Kellogg: The speed limit is 60 mph. The 63 to 65 mph range is a cushion given by the traffic officers, not a privilege. I will continue at 60 mph in the left lane, and I will move over for emergency vehicles only.

I find it amusing that the new businesses in Old Town are bars, especially since bars are the reason we have to use tear gas to move people out. Yes, let’s open some more bars.

It troubles me every time that I see the Wichita city flag, a part of which has quite clearly been lifted from the Zia sun symbol of the state of New Mexico.

Does the picture of the policeman kneeling next to the homeless man as he gave him shoes remind others of Jesus washing the feet of his disciple Simon Peter just before his Crucifixion? That policeman honors Christ’s birth by doing this for a stranger. How appropriate at this time of year.

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