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12/06/2012 12:00 AM

12/05/2012 6:01 PM

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Can you imagine how much better off we would be if Republicans defended the rest of us like they do the wealthiest 2 percent?

The GOP has become a “Father Knows Best” party in a “Modern Family” world.

David Letterman’s Kennedy Center honor was as unearned as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. What are they thinking?

We’re told there are epidemics of childhood hunger and obesity. Maybe if both sets of advocates would just get real jobs instead of making a living spending our tax dollars on opposing programs, kids would be healthier and we’d save a lot of money.

Four years without a pay raise. Is Gov. Sam Brownback trying to get state employees to lose weight by making them go hungry?

No child should be killed (aborted) just because his or her father was a rapist.

After the Chiefs murder-suicide tragedy, the drums are beating for more gun control. Absolutely – it has worked so well in Mexico.

Six Wichita City Council members voted to approve a new Sam’s Club over the objections of the local residents. When will we get smart and vote for council members who support the people, not just big companies and special interests?

So now we have to tie up the 911 system to report a loose dog. Can you please put a collar and tag on your dog, so if I find it loose on the street I can call you instead of wasting taxpayer dollars by involving animal control?

I am in my 50s and have not had the flu since I was a kid. I have never had a flu shot, nor am I planning on getting one. Put that in your flu shot and shoot it.

Hey, John Calipari – the WSU Shockers are ranked ahead of your mighty Kentucky basketball team. Go, Shox! KU is next.

Congratulations to the WSU women’s volleyball team for making it to the Sweet 16. The 2001-04 teams began WSU’s rise to greatness. Kudos to Chris Lamb and his 2012 team for taking it to the next level.

It would be nice if The Eagle and the local sports broadcasters would realize that K-State has a share of the Big 12 title.

They say it is healthy to disagree. In that case, Opinion Line contributors must be the healthiest people on Earth.

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