Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 5)

12/05/2012 12:00 AM

12/04/2012 5:34 PM

I think we should help those states that wish to secede. That would help Social Security and Medicare, as those residents would no longer be entitled to either.

Don’t worry about needing a passport to visit relatives in Texas and Oklahoma. If Texas and Oklahoma go, I expect Kansas to be about 24 hours behind them.

President Bush did a poor job for four years, was re-elected and did a poor job for four more years. President Obama did a horrible job for four years and was re-elected. Makes perfectly good sense to me.

Why not go over the fiscal cliff? Then those of you who favor raising taxes on the rich can share in our joy of watching the government giving away “our” tax dollars to those who would rather have the government support them versus working for a living.

The Republican Party seems determined to commit political suicide by not realizing that the U.S. is in the 21st century and major changes have occurred and continue to occur in the environment, social needs, population distributions and cultural practices. The world is no longer flat.

I went to see the movie “Lincoln.” It was a great movie, but what occurred to me was how little the views of some people have changed since 1865. They still want to divide and separate people based on race, gender and sexuality.

Hey, liberals – I’m tired of you calling me a whiner. I read every day how you don’t like Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach. This is a red state. Maybe it’s time you leave.

Now it appears that everyone who obeys speed limits on Kellogg should drive in the right lane so that others can race along at any speed they wish and cut across three lanes of traffic at their exit (“Driving on Kellogg isn’t rocket science,” Nov. 30 Letters to the Editor). Really? I can’t find that rule in my driver’s handbook.

Thanks for the beautifully written driving lesson. Please feel free to exceed the strictly enforced 60 mph speed limit in the middle and left lanes of Kellogg. The police will be happy to pull you over and issue you an also beautifully written ticket.

Perhaps if Jovan Belcher hadn’t owned a handgun, this story would have ended differently.

One does not need to be rude to get a cellphone, nor do people become rude after buying one. Rude people simply become more conspicuous when they have one.

If you’re not a freethinker, you must be a zombie or a robot.

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