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December 5, 2012

Opinion Line (Dec. 5)

It’s good to see President Obama back in the White House and focused like a laser on raising taxes.

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It’s good to see President Obama back in the White House and focused like a laser on raising taxes.

What this nation needs is a leader, not a promiser.

The politicians need to compromise on the fiscal cliff. They need to implement the Buffett rule and do away with the mortgage tax deduction for home loans. That is what is called compromising. They need to forget their party affiliation and get with it.

What’s sad is that the people who are trying to ruin the country get paid more than the people trying to save it.

Regarding “Wind subsidy distorts market, is welfare” (Dec. 2 Opinion): What makes Rep. Tim Huelskamp think wind subsidies are any different from oil subsidies?

I let out a whoop of laughter at “Back to Eden” (Nov. 28 Letters to the Editor), which said the election results have sent us all back to the Garden of Eden. Doesn’t the letter writer know that another term for the Garden of Eden is “paradise”?

No, I do not need forgiveness for my votes on Election Day. I voted for those I think will do best for all of us.

I agreed with Bob Costas. If a Chiefs football player had not had a gun, he would be alive today. The NRA’s efforts to heavily arm more “law-abiding citizens” have terrible consequences.

When contemplating disarming Americans in the guise of promoting our safety, just remember that criminals prefer unarmed victims and dictators prefer unarmed citizens. Protect Second Amendment rights.

If the Republicans would stay out of our bedrooms, the Democrats would stay our of our diets, and everyone else would mind his own business about hairstyles, clothes, tattoos and piercings, the country would be a happier, more peaceful place.

For those trying to take Christ out of Christmas: What are you celebrating? Why do you celebrate Christian holidays? To stores that refuse to say “Merry Christmas”: Why do you think your sales increase this time of year? “Merry Holiday”? I don’t think so.

If more folks followed the example of the New York policeman who purchased shoes for the man who had none, think what a wonderful Christmas (and world) this would be.

Two people win $294 million each 24 days before the world is going to end? Well-played, Mayans, well-played.

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