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12/04/2012 12:00 AM

12/03/2012 6:27 PM

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President Obama had Mitt Romney over to the White House for lunch. The first thing Romney probably said was that he was surprised how small the place was.

Secession has nothing to do with the president being black. It is has everything to do with the policies and the road to socialism this country is on. People who claim that everybody is against Obama because he is black are racists themselves.

Obama didn’t do anything the first four years. He is now proving he can do the same for four more.

I’m sure glad the Wichita City Council spent all of that tax money on the former KenMar shopping center to reduce the crimes committed in the area. Oh, wait.…

A gentleman goes to buy candy and gets shot and dies. Welcome to our country.

Justified police shootings, dangerous car chases, and now tear gas when no threat is imminent. I find it unsurprising that Police Chief Norman Williams defends the dangerous actions of his fellow officers. Anything short of that may compromise his reputation and that of the department.

I am disappointed that Buhler, after a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is changing city signs that boasted a cross. Do Buhler’s leaders have no backbone or convictions? The same group complained about Kountze, Texas, cheerleaders using religious signs at football games. Kountze stood up for religious freedom.

Forget global growth. Grow locally.

The article “State tax law drops Jan. 1, for some” (Nov. 27 Business Today) did not point out that many wealthy Kansans will escape most or all income tax while many lower-income folks will face an increase. The new law should be called “The Doctors, Lawyers and Real Estate Developers Relief Act.”

I don’t understand why The Eagle’s Share the Season series keeps featuring sick and unemployed people. Wouldn’t we all be better off if the donations were given to the wealthy job-creators?

Many decry the expansion of Black Friday into Thanksgiving Day, but as long as greedy shoppers are willing to sell out their family time to save a couple bucks on stuff they probably don’t really need, the retailers are going to understand the message – cheap stuff over family.

Do you have to be rude to get a cellphone, or is it a trait you acquire after buying one?

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