Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 3)

12/03/2012 12:00 AM

11/30/2012 4:17 PM

Every two weeks there is something or someone different to hate. Hate is good sometimes, but not every other week over a huge new issue. This world is going insane. What happened to brotherly love?

If Texas seceded, it would dry up real quick from lack of federal funding.

I hope President Obama goes over the cliff first so the nation has something soft to land on.

I heard on the news that $1.4 billion was spent last year for the Obamas’ vacations, parties, golf and other nonbusiness-related activities. That was more than was spent by all of the European monarchs combined. That is disgusting.

More than 1 in every 4 workers in Greece is unemployed. Not wanting to become like the Greeks, Florida Rep. John Mica has seen the future and warned that our government cannot put a chocolate on every pillow and tuck us all in every night.

Perhaps Mexico would welcome the GOP voters who want to leave the USA. They want to form their own country. Well, the rest of us don’t want them here if they want to hate the president of the USA. Really poor losers, they are.

Secessionist states should begin refusing all federal funds from their budgets, and individuals who support secession should refuse Social Security, Medicare and any other federally supported income including education grants and unemployment that are at least partially funded by Uncle Sam. Good luck.

The wealthy don’t pay their fair share, you say? Most of them pay more taxes in one year than many people pay in total in their lifetime. Be careful what you think is fair, or you may be the one who pays more in taxes.

The owners of the Chiefs and Royals seemingly don’t understand the games their teams play. The owners repeatedly hire bad general managers or head coaches who make bad draft choices and trades. Consequently, their teams routinely lose.

To the people who buy a new pickup and the mount a tonneau cover or some other weight to the back that messes up the factory-set bright lights: It sure hurts my eyes. I do not need cataract surgery and my eyes are 20/20, so don’t tell me I need to get my eyes fixed.

I’m wondering if all of these Wichitans who think they’re currently getting pure water from the Wichita water system are running a reverse osmosis system at their house. That’s the only way they would approach having pure water.

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