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12/03/2012 12:00 AM

11/30/2012 4:17 PM

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When Barack Obama became president, our federal debt was $10 trillion. It will be more than $20 trillion when leaves. Yes, he can – spend, spend, spend.

Obama supporters are like Christmas lights: Most are not very bright and the rest don’t work.

Republicans can begin winning over minority voters with publicly funded school vouchers. They are constitutional, and it’s time to implement them in states where Republicans control the governorship and Statehouse. All voters want their kids in good schools.

The question to the corporate CEO should be: When the made-in-China airplane crashes because of poor quality, will the made-in-USA corporation be the one paying the liability and lawsuit?

Grocery companies should sell food for exactly what it costs them.

Once again this Christmas we are being bombarded by Macy’s ads, and we don’t have a Macy’s in Wichita anymore. When I was a kid, part of our tradition was a trip downtown to see the window displays, especially at Macy’s. Come on, Wichita City Council – bring back our Macy’s.

To the folks who want to do away with saying “Merry Christmas” or call them “holiday trees”: It is the birth of our savior that we celebrate on Christmas. So if it weren’t for Christmas, there would be no “holiday.”

As an atheist, I don’t need a new holiday. I need Christians to stop trying to “own” Christmas. Celebrate Christmas all you want, but at least be mindful of its pagan origins when you get up in arms about people of other beliefs celebrating, too.

Atheists do have their own holiday. It is April 1.

With limited parking at the Veterans Memorial Park, why does Westar Energy need to tell its contractors to park in the memorial park’s lot? They should be using Westar’s lot, especially when as many as nine vehicles are parked there.

While waiting for a light to change on West Central, I watched a large group of students walking back to Bishop Carroll High School. I was so impressed by how neat they all looked in their uniforms. Why can’t our public high school students be dressed that way?

Hey, Andover and Augusta: No need to run pedestrian crossings at night unless there is someone pushing the crosswalk button. And Wichita is working hard to get rid of stoplights on Kellogg and U.S. 54; you all are adding stoplights.

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