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12/01/2012 12:00 AM

11/30/2012 3:54 PM

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Astronomers say they found the largest black hole ever. It is 250 million light-years from Earth. I thought Washington, D.C., was the biggest black hole ever. Live and learn.

Forget the fiscal cliff. Debt is the problem. I predict taxes will go up for everybody. Spending will never be cut. Debt will increase until the debt bomb explodes, sending us into a global depression from which there will be no bailout.

Instead of the fiscal cliff they should refer to it as the Donner Pass, because the have-nots are fixin’ to eat the haves.

Regarding the secession fever: Can you believe that this nation, in 2012, can’t stand having a black president? Really sad.

Obama misled us about Benghazi, and kept Iran’s attack on a U.S. drone and the indiscretion by David Petraeus undisclosed until after his re-election. How about the open-mike comment about Russia? How many other under-the-table deals is Obama making? We have a trust problem.

Unity of action and purpose will bring us to a happier world.

My doctor has told me to cut back on red meat. Knowing the Kansas Livestock Association paid Karl Rove to speak at its convention makes that a lot easier.

The police did their job keeping Old Town safe, and no one liked it. Perhaps closing the bars would assure we didn’t need the police to intervene.

Is Fox News a branch of the Republican Party, or is the Republican Party a branch of Fox News?

Just as The Eagle’s carrier can barely throw the paper past the curb, The Eagle has made it difficult to access the online version by charging to access it.

We are in an extreme drought. I look at the calendar and see that, despite the temperature, it is time for grass to go dormant. So why do all of my neighbors keep watering? Please turn off your sprinkler systems. I may want a drink of water someday.

Christmas comes sooner every year. The decorations, food, candy and music popped up in early October this year. It seems to me that, contrary to politically correct opinion, Christmastime has a spirit that humankind has a yearning for.

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of year – a time to celebrate Christ, spend time with loved ones, and help those in need. It’s not a time to be disrespectful to your fellow man. Stop, think and be respectful and courteous to retail workers and others.

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