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11/29/2012 12:00 AM

11/28/2012 5:21 PM

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So the city budget planners and City Council plan to cut library hours even more. Don’t they know the people who like to use the libraries on Sunday afternoon are also the people who pay their salaries? Services that taxpayers actually use should always come first.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The Wichita Public Library can’t afford to buy new books, so our great city leaders are going to spend millions of our tax dollars to build a new library that they can’t supply with new books. I’m sorry – I don’t understand.

European countries run by socialist bureaucrats give us a glimpse of the future under Obama. Greek unions hold daily work stoppages. Italian unionists clash with police. Trains in Portugal grind to a stop. Unrest is scattered from Belgium to Spain. That is the message and forecast of socialism.

Republicans – the “real” patriots, the “real” Americans – as soon as democracy doesn’t turn out the way they wanted, they want to secede. Real Americans respect the democratic process.

Let’s give all those who have signed the petition to secede from the USA and some of our Kansas party leaders free bus tickets to Texas along with our blessing to secede. That would leave those of us who want to work together to restore America to greatness.

Let Texas secede. The national IQ will skyrocket.

All I have to say is: Go, Texas, go. My family and I will be your first immigrants.

I have relatives in Oklahoma and Texas. Will I have to get a passport to go visit them when they secede from the Union?

Record-setting sales on Black Friday. Record-setting sales on Cyber Monday. It is a shame how President Obama has wrecked our economy.

Since the retailers have pretty much dispensed with Thanksgiving Day by putting their Christmas displays right across the aisle from their Halloween displays, why don’t we just dispense with Thanksgiving and have Black November?

Thanks, airlines, for raising prices so high that you have priced us out. My family chose the car this year for our Thanksgiving trip, and it was a great family experience. We made memories, the kids loved it, and it was well within our budget.

Am I alone in wishing that KWCH’s “Does it Work?” segment would test commercial “male-enhancement” products?

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