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11/27/2012 12:00 AM

11/26/2012 5:35 PM

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It’s no surprise that Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi is proclaiming sweeping powers for himself. He’s finding democracy is too messy to keep order. Until the people of the Middle East can divorce their government from their religion, the Arab Spring will come to naught.

Morsi grabs dictatorial powers. Who would have ever seen that coming? None of our incompetent, lying government officials.

Maybe the Mayan prophecy was referring to the fiscal cliff.

It won’t be long before a lot of people realize that President Obama is pushing the cart with us on it over the fiscal cliff.

Spend three days a year monopolizing the television, radio and Internet with a telethon for the national debt. Show lots of cute kids and sad puppies. We’ll get rid of that debt in no time.

When our money finally runs out, the first people to not receive their benefits should be all members of Congress and presidents past and present.

It doesn’t make sense that the homeless go without food, the elderly without their needed medicines, the mentally ill without treatment, and our veterans without the promised benefits while political parties throw away billions of dollars on campaigns.

There can be little doubt that Osama was killed by Obama and that Twinkies were killed by Republicans.

I’ve got my Hostess Twinkie in one hand and my concealed carry in the other hand, so I am “snackin’ and packin’.”

Instead of automatically changing the Buhler city seal, they should put it to a vote on the next public election. Majority rules.

Why do we need a public library when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others will tell American citizens what we need to know anyway?

Fluoride occurs naturally in Wichita’s water. Not in large quantities, but it’s there. So now what? A public vote to remove it?

My neighbor worked 16.5 hours on Black Friday. Fortunately, the CEO and all the members of the board worked alongside him. Oh, wait – I made that last sentence up.

It’s fine to donate toys and turkeys, but wouldn’t it be much more patriotic to give fireworks to needy families so they can join in celebrating America’s Independence Day?

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