Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 26)

11/26/2012 12:00 AM

11/23/2012 5:15 PM

The EPA should be on trial for crimes against humanity for not allowing a waiver on corn being turned into ethanol in one of the worst droughts in history.

Our government has spent $25 billion studying global warming. Environmental alarmists claim America is dying in a sea of pollution and our cities will soon be under water. Doomsday prophecies grab headlines but computer models are frequently faulty, as seen by 1970 studies predicting global cooling.

On voting machines’ paper trails: If you voted by machine in Sedgwick County, there was a paper tape marked with your votes. Just ask next time you vote. The poll worker will show you the tape, as you can see it being printed.

I acknowledge that health and illness care is not a consumer product in the same way that cars, TVs, smartphones, etc., are. My issue is when people choose to buy those products instead of buying health insurance, and I am left paying for their insurance. If people can afford a nice car, flat-screen TV and smartphone, they should buy their own health insurance.

Surely Mitt Romney must know that since his fame is on the wane, his game of blame is pitifully lame.

Most of Obamacare hasn’t even gone into effect, and CEOs are punishing workers and business patrons because they’re afraid of imaginary costs to their profits. Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? Makes you wonder how they ever got to be CEOs in the first place.

If the Republicans don’t cave on all the things that Obama is asking for, the Republican Party will always be blamed for not wanting to help the poor. Obama and his party have turned everything around on the Republicans and lied about big and small issues. The Republicans are in a no-win situation.

If Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter can give away 2 million pizzas, he can afford health care for his employees. Tip your delivery drivers very well. They shouldn’t be punished because their boss is money-hungry and delusional.

The Obama lies not only keep coming. They’ve become bigger and more frequent since Nov. 6.

I guess the gleeful fools so happy that the Kochs couldn’t buy the election don’t realize that at least the Kochs use their own hard-earned money. The freebies and handouts Obama bought the election with were tax dollars that came out of our pockets and will cost us for many years to come.

Little Debbie snacks are better than Hostess anyway.

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