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11/24/2012 12:00 AM

11/23/2012 5:12 PM

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In response to terrorist threats, why didn’t our State Department simply close the Benghazi consulate and evacuate the Americans? The excuses, investigations and closed-door hearings don’t change the fact that Americans died needlessly because our government was not sufficiently concerned about them and underestimated the danger.

People know nothing about Benghazi. It could have been planned in two hours. The American public doesn’t need to get CIA, FBI and military intelligence secrets. The motto “Loose lips sink ships” has sadly been forgotten.

President Obama has given America a new dream. Let’s become the world’s leader in renewable energy and design, and build the vehicles and equipment that will use it.

So Mitt Romney has been hanging out at his home in California. He also has homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I don’t believe he carried any of these states. How about if he buys a farm in Harper County?

So the moderate Republicans win the primary with their candidate, who loses big time in the general election, and somehow it’s the tea party’s fault? I hardly think so.

I had to go grocery shopping with the wife, which I usually avoid like the plague. From the prices I saw, Michelle Obama doesn’t have to worry about obesity much longer. If prices go any higher, she will be the only one who can afford to eat.

Health care is already free if you don’t pay for it.

It’s interesting that so many people vote for less and less government. Are these the same people who are miffed when election results aren’t as quick as they like? Who do they think pays for the process?

Let’s create a new holiday for atheists so we can keep Christmas just the way it used to be.

So what did it cost to have the big United Way of the Plains luncheon? It seems kind of counterproductive for the people who need the help.

The Kansas City Chiefs are filling a need. For there to be winners, there must be losers.

The national anthem is not an “American Idol” competition. How about singing it the way it was meant to be sung?

“The Meaning of Lila,” my favorite comic strip, has disappeared from The Eagle. Please tell me this is temporary. I want my Lila.

Thank you for getting rid of “The Meaning of Lila.” If I wanted homosexuality to invade every minute of my life, I’d become a homosexual.

Danica Patrick is getting a divorce. I’m available.

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