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November 23, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 23)

If you have to make your point with a megaphone, maybe you don’t have much of a point.

If you have to make your point with a megaphone, maybe you don’t have much of a point.

Before they locate or expand, business leaders study the litigation climate. When that climate is lousy, they move on to another community, state or country. Trial lawyers grasp the opportunity to get rich, but average people suffer because of fewer job opportunities.

People are being slaughtered in parts of the world and our lead story is about Twinkies?

I see all the makings for a disaster to have Hostess go out of business just after pot is legalized in two states. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m investing in Doritos.

A Nov. 17 letter writer hit the nail on the head with his witty comments on chlorine and fluoride. If the anti-everything movement had been in place years ago, who knows? No chlorine in our water, no standing in line to eat the sugar cube with the polio vaccine, no nothing.

Whoever blogged that writing things by hand is up there with cobbling shoes and shoeing horses is a fool.

Fox News commentators take pride in creating the news, for example, by asking “Is Benghazi going to be President Obama’s Watergate?” The Fox folks are pretty foxy.

Wow – our president, supposedly a constitutional scholar, said in his press conference in Thailand that we are a democracy. We are not. Our Constitution, of course, constructs a representative republic.

To all you Obama haters: If you don’t want to live here, leave. That’s what you told the people who disagreed with your hero George W. Bush. Take Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh with you.

If we don’t secede, how can God forgive us? You look at what the federal government does and it is far from Christian – not even talking about gay marriage or abortion.

How many losses would any SEC team have to endure if week in and week out it had to face the offensive gantlet that is the Big 12? Anytime is a good time to hit the head or get a beer during an SEC game. Odds are you won’t miss much.

I wish The Eagle would discontinue the Opinion Line. Why continue to give people an open forum to be hateful and mean? Some people have lost their sense of boundaries, tolerance and respect. Most of the comments are divisive and demoralizing.

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