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11/19/2012 12:00 AM

11/16/2012 5:05 PM

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Bye, Bye, Twinkies. Pensions were the union strikers’ big issue with Hostess. Now that they have driven Hostess out of business, the strikers can collect unemployment compensation and see if the government will increase their pensions and provide health care coverage.

So long, Wonder Bread. You have been my favorite. Nearly 18,000 people said they wanted to join the unemployment line. Mrs. Smith’s, here I come.

To all of those whiny Republicans who said they would leave the country if President Obama were re-elected: Canada is to the north and Mexico is to the south. Get going. But remember that Canada has socialized medicine and Mexico is full of Mexicans.

Color yourself blue when you learn how much the president’s promise of “no new taxes for the middle class” is going to cost you.

I am sick of reading nonsense from ignorant Democrats about how Republicans tried and didn’t succeed in buying the election. What do they think Obama did? He didn’t win on merit, skill and accomplishments.

Our bloated federal government and Santa have much in common. Both promise “free” stuff. Thinking people realize that a “free” lunch is an illusion.

Mitt Romney’s candidacy was never about service to our country. It was always about Romney himself. Voters recognized this and rejected his ego-based desire. We now would like him to go away to a corner somewhere and quietly suck on his sour grapes.

Dear Kathleen Sebelius: Please look out for Kansas, as our elected officials are failing to do so. Our insurance exchange is in the hands of the federal government, and we humbly request that you be our advocate in establishing this important marketplace.

Kris Kobach thinks that he punches a time clock as secretary of state. His unwillingness to put in the time necessary to make sure that all election problems in Sedgwick County were solved should lead him to lose his job. He certainly should not have any prosecutorial powers.

The states of Colorado and Washington have really gone to pot. It will be difficult for me to travel in or through those states again. The stench will be overwhelming.

After successfully maintaining competition and choice in who gets to haul off your trash, you Wichitans have driven out all competing movie theaters, leaving Warren Theatres as your only choice. Why the dichotomy?

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