Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 19)

11/19/2012 12:00 AM

11/16/2012 5:05 PM

Where did we go so wrong with Sam Brownback? I voted against him, but in Kansas anyone could win as long as he is a Republican.

A couple years from now, the majority of Obama voters will finally hear about Benghazi.

If there is one word to describe the dilemma of our disunity, it would be “arrogance.” To unite again will require looking at the fault in the mirror and splitting each desire down the middle to move forward.

With all these complaints about the election of President Obama and other things in this country, why don’t those who are complaining just pack up and move to Mexico?

To all who are signing petitions for secession: I feel your pain. But why should we who actually love America be the ones to bail out? We must fight to take our country back from the fifth column bums.

These graying old politicians of the GOP are showing early signs of senility. Notice the spontaneous outbursts by John McCain, John Sununu, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich and many more. I wish they would ride into sunset gracefully and leave behind the brilliant legacy of public service of the past.

Two words come to mind every time I watch the news and see our current government at work. The first is “organized.” Before you get ahead of me, the second word is “crime.” It has all the hallmarks of organized crime.

So columnist Cal Thomas (Nov. 14 Opinion ) thinks it is wrong that the government should help the poor and handicapped. He claims we have drifted away from our Christian heritage. The Bible says nothing about abortion but says a lot about helping the poor.

After World II we gave Palestine to the Jews, even though they hadn’t lived there for 2,000 years. We now blame the Palestinians for fighting back. Maybe it’s time for us to boot the Jews out and give Palestinians their country back.

No need to get upset about the Middle East. They’ve been at war there since the beginning of time. It’s normal.

The sooner we get rid of unions, businesses will have a better chance of surviving.

Having a private aircraft is a lot like having a yacht or mansion. It takes financial success to buy yachts, build mansions and fly private aircraft. Laborers, engineers and small-business firms that contribute to the construction of yachts, mansions and aircraft need jobs, too.

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