Opinion Line (Nov. 18)

11/18/2012 12:00 AM

11/16/2012 4:50 PM

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I would like to see the results of an election in which the right to vote was restricted to those who pay taxes and aren’t on welfare.

It’s the policies, stupid.

Mitt Romney wined and dined mega-millionaires and CEOs to help pay for his failed election. Now his whining and crying are just annoying and make him look stupid.

Liberal zealots, the uninformed and the willfully ignorant re-elected Obama. They will be the first to wail and cry as jobs and the economy decline and inflation and the national debt climb. Maybe then they will understand what Obama meant when he said, “Elections have consequences.”

Romney can’t take a hint. He’s hanging around making excuses and claiming Obama didn’t play fair. After lying to the American people throughout the entire campaign, suddenly he’s the one who was wronged. An apology from him is what would be appropriate.

Many elected officials continue to behave as though the election did not happen. This will have a destructive impact on America’s reputation as a world power. One good way to ensure an attack upon our beloved nation is to continue to perpetuate that our government is “divided.”

Anyone but Obama would be humbled by knowing 49 percent of the entire U.S. voting population doesn’t like him. His arrogance leaves zero space in his ego for humility.

Residents of 50 states have asked to secede from the United States under Obama’s administration? That means seven states are still for him, right?

Which has more lies – a politician’s campaign speech, or a politician’s eulogy for another politician at his funeral?

Men who make their career in the military and are away off and on for years – are you shocked they find women to fulfill their lust? Welcome to the real world. This has been going on for centuries.

Why are we paying the Sedgwick County commissioners full time when there is not a reason or need for them to meet each and every week?

Do you think the “Minnesota guys” are going to bid on the Castle Inn Riverside?

Whoever did the makeup on Daniel Day-Lewis as President Lincoln can stop by and pick up the Oscar early. The resemblance is incredible.

Is anyone else tired of sports journalists using the descriptive words “physicality” and “athleticism”? Duh.

Get off my rear bumper now. Your tailgating behavior is insanely rude, useless, stupid and dangerous. Under no circumstances will it get me to drive any faster. I may even drive slower just to irritate you.

I’m not opposed to people legally packing guns. But I’m not sure how to tell if they are or aren’t criminals getting ready to commit a crime.

“No Shave November”? There will be fewer pregnancies than ever this month.

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