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November 16, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 16)

I just read what’s making headlines. This whole country has become one big soap opera.

I just read what’s making headlines. This whole country has become one big soap opera.

Divorce was shameful at one time. Having babies out of wedlock was shameful at one time. Homosexuality was shameful at one time. Now there is no shame. Polygamy, bestiality and pedophilia will all become legal and accepted practices within our lifetime.

We should impeach Obama. The Watergate scandal was nothing compared with what Obama and his administration are trying to cover up with Benghazi. Obama’s lies are everywhere, and if we don’t stop him he will bring this great nation to its knees. Wake up, America.

What happened in Benghazi is showing us that instead of a commander in chief, we have a liar in chief.

New rule: The Republican Party must change its name to the Burger King Party. First its candidate dishonors the election process by telling unprecedented numbers of egregious “Whoppers.” And now the party faithful are struggling to understand why they can’t “have it their way.”

Time for Republicans to stop blaming Mitt Romney – an articulate, well-experienced, superior candidate – for losing. The reason he lost is that voters who should have supported him did not turn out. Obama won with all his slanderous, demonizing lies, and by paying off groups for their votes. Let’s never stoop to their level.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but could somebody in the Republican Party please tell us how it intends to win an election by calling half of the country moochers, chiselers, slackers and work-shy cheats? Somehow that just doesn’t sound like a winning strategy.

If the Republicans really want to figure out why they lost the election, all they need to do is watch “The Daily Show.” Jon Stewart lays it out every night.

Here comes Karma – thousands of layoffs in Ohio and Pennsylvania, where they voted to continue this devastated Obama economy.

Just throw plenty of research grants at them and dress up whatever they’re doing in socialist jargon, and college professors will be quiet and obedient.

Get ready, President Bush. Obama has four more years to put the blame on you.

Regarding “Insurance exchange isn’t free market” (Nov. 15 Letters to the Editor): Hey, Dave Trabert – I recently called my doctor and I wanted my blood tested for mono. I was told I couldn’t do that because the insurance company wouldn’t allow it. I want the insurance company to quit standing between me and my doctor.

It must be getting close to Christmas. I hear a lot of angry people when I am out shopping.

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