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11/16/2012 12:00 AM

11/15/2012 5:39 PM

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For a refreshing change from holidays that focus on veterans and wars, let’s have at least one that honors teachers, Peace Corps volunteers and others who actually promote peace.

What’s the matter with people in New York and New Jersey? Power systems that took decades to build are destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. How can these people expect it all to be reconstructed in two weeks?

At last, something Gov. Sam Brownback and I agree upon – promoting wind energy.

Having dispensed now with the ridiculous fluoride issue, perhaps city leaders can get back to important matters like securing decent air, train and bus transit options for area citizens. Lots of people can’t or shouldn’t drive. Transit deficit is a serious business drawback.

Will my health care get better with the 80 percent increase I just saw in my monthly premium?

Just over a week since the election, and we are already beginning to learn about the tactics that Obama used to “win” the election.

The election is over, people. Mitt Romney lost. Get over it and support our elected leader. Your dissension makes the entire country look bad in the global eye.

Hey, GOP: Have you hugged a Latino today, or taken a Latino to lunch? Better hurry – 2016 is just around the corner.

Romney lost because he couldn’t distant himself from the extremists in the Republican Party. Our party needs to denounce those who push the party so far to the right that moderates and independents flee from us.

As long as we’re all losing our marbles over the election, my friends and I would like to secede from Kansas.

I don’t feel sorry for the rich folks who will be losing their Bush tax cuts – especially the “job creators” who bought yachts and built mansions instead of hiring people. Now it might be time for me, not quite a member of the middle class anymore, to enjoy some tax breaks.

Noticed the riots in Europe over cuts in entitlements? Take a good look. In a few years, that’s us.

Our members of Congress are appointed to committees and subcommittees that have the responsibility of oversight for every government agency. If there is fraud or waste, it means they are not doing their job.

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