Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 15)

11/15/2012 12:00 AM

11/14/2012 7:09 PM

I was starting to wonder if anyone left in America was worried about the future of America with the standards we have established that are detrimental to our future. Reading Cal Thomas (“Re-election means four more years of decline,” Nov. 14 Opinion) gave me hope that someone still knows right from wrong.

Why do people like Cal Thomas look at a small part of Americana and assume that the wheels are falling off our country? I wish The Wichita Eagle could find a columnist who isn’t an inflammatory demagogue and borderline misanthrope.

Why have the media not covered all of the layoffs since the election?

In the past century, only four presidents have won election twice with more than 50 percent of the vote – Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and Obama. Kansans who voted for Romney are going against the tide. Move back to the middle and vote Democratic.

Both of my parents worked, but they never told their children that they, too, would have to do so. But all three of them did and are now millionaires. It was the “culture.” Today, if you work for less than $45,000 per year, you are foolish. You can get that much for just staying on the couch.

Apparently the GOP thinks the best way to grow its party is to tell us how lazy and stupid we were not to vote for its candidates.

Constitutional ignorance has replaced illiteracy as the impetus for the Electoral College.

It astounds me how anyone can live in reality, listen to Mitt Romney, then have the audacity to comment to Opinion Line that Democrats are liars.

The best thing House Speaker John Boehner could do for this country is shut up, go home and stay there.

Donald Trump: If every American gives you a penny, will you shut up once and for all and go away?

It was sickening, but all too common, that the man convicted of raping two Kansas City girls had an extensive criminal record of sexual exploitation. Courts need to make the punishment fit the crime: Scar a child for life, forfeit half the family jewels. And the remainder for repeat offense. That might be a deterrent.

You cannot be an honest, upright, law-abiding citizen when you knowingly and intentionally break the law, including traffic laws. That pretty well describes most of us.

Tis the season of multiple robberies.

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