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November 14, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 14)

If the rich get poor, do the poor get rich?

If the rich get poor, do the poor get rich?

We must become good sports on the athletic field and in the political arena in order to learn and move forward. It is in our individual self-interests and in the interest of our nation.

In 59 Philadelphia voting districts, Mitt Romney did not get a single vote. In more than 100 precincts in Ohio, Obama got 99 percent of the vote. Hmm. Where is Kris Kobach when you need him?

Listen to talk radio and hear all the crazy, whining conspiracy theories: The Obama campaign was “mean” to Romney when it pointed out truths about his business dealings. The Obama campaign “suppressed” the vote on the other side by talking mean about Romney. Just face it, guys – it is your own fault. Take responsibility for yourselves.

We have a national media that is teetering on the edge of treason. They refused to report on stories that would hurt Obama’s chance for re-election (Benghazi among many). Instead, they focused on stories that were totally misleading as well as outright untruthful in order to cast doubt on Romney.

If you are going to blame Benghazi on President Obama, then Sept. 11 is George Bush’s fault. At least Obama was not in a schoolroom reading to little kids when we had plenty of warning signs we were going to be hit.

If three-fourths of America’s water is fluoridated, and Obama was just re-elected, that just proves that fluoride reduces IQ.

The president did not get a mandate in his re-election. He received a woman-date. Ladies, you are captaining the ship. I hope it can stay afloat.

If Romney and Paul Ryan had watched any other channel besides Fox News, they would have gotten a heads up over what the rest of the U.S. is really like and known they didn’t have a chance.

The “American experiment” is over. It failed.

Not only should David Petraeus be fired and investigated, but so should his boss.

Petraeus has an affair and suddenly it is a giant security threat to the United States. But with Bill Clinton, it was no big deal. Oh, that’s right – Clinton is a Democrat, so it’s OK.

Almost as gratifying as the Obama victory is the whining of conservatives in Opinion Line. Get over it.

People cause great damage and suffering with guns. The most constructive way to reduce that is with a major tax on guns and ammunition.

It makes absolutely no sense that Kansas does not have a Wizard of Oz theme park.

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