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November 13, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 13)

I think a real tribute to the vets would be to bring them home from all of the countries that they shouldn’t in anyway. Give peace a chance.

I think a real tribute to the vets would be to bring them home from all of the countries that they shouldn’t in anyway. Give peace a chance.

The best lesson to be learned from the election is that big money cannot buy an election.

No one should be allowed to waste time and effort on new ideas until everyone has plenty of what’s already been thought up.

I wonder – since Mitt Romney lost the election, will he go back and claim his full tax deductions now and show us his true low tax rate?

The happiness of Obama winning will not equal the sadness of the thousands who have already lost their jobs due to Obamacare. If the rules get too tough and the expense too great, a business has no other choice but to let employees go or go out of business.

Without the grace of Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, Citizens United and Fox News, the GOP would have been rendered totally irrelevant, obsolete and outright extinct during the 2012 election.

Liberals: You won the election. Why are you still spewing hate?

In 2008, America voted for an inexperienced community organizer over a decorated war veteran. In 2012, America voted for the same inexperienced community organizer who has no private-sector business experience over a successful businessman during a recession. America has truly lost its mind.

David Petraeus resigned due to an affair? He works for a Democratic president. That is not a terminating offense.

Chris Christie has become a pariah in the Republican Party since fawning over Obama. Some of us knew he was never really very conservative anyway.

Nothing’s whinier than Republicans when they’ve lost a presidential election.

Hooray for editorial cartoonist Richard Crowson (Nov. 11 Opinion). He revealed Gov. Sam Brownback’s personality better than a 200-page psychological report could have done.

Perhaps the biggest loser in the recent election was the Sedgwick County election commissioner. In spite of all the primary election problems, the commissioner and her staff managed to mangle the reporting of another election’s returns. Employees of this department seem to lack both professionalism and responsibility.

Businesses have no right to place business signs on public property or private property they do not own, rent or lease. Businesses must be ethical and stop this illegal activity.

The Opinion Line is nothing but a soundboard for racist, sexist, close-minded hate mongers who insult people.

Thank God and our forefathers that we still have freedom of speech.

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