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11/12/2012 12:00 AM

11/09/2012 6:15 PM

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Maybe now President Obama will actually run the country. For the past four years, he has simply been campaigning for re-election.

Perhaps if our murdered citizens in Benghazi had shouted “Four more years!” instead of “Help!” our leaders would have done something.

Citizens on the right are saying that Mitt Romney lost because he was not conservative enough. This song must be sweet music to Gov. Sam Brownback as he grooms himself and his compatriots for 2016. Can you say “Secretary of Defense Kobach”?

Germany is building 23 new coal-fired power plants. Obama is squandering billions of our taxpayer dollars on his dreams of renewable energy. Myths of efficient renewables are enticing, but realists know that efficient sources may be generations in the future.

No matter how Karl Rove tries to spin his stammering logic on Fox News about the Ohio vote tally, it will be his defining political utterance that will live in infamy.

Republicans, and especially those in Kansas, can’t seem to grasp why they lost the election. If they fail to change their doctrine of hate, racism, exclusion and greed, they will soon become extinct. Their unbending refusal to accept reality is destroying them from within.

When you shoot yourself in the foot, people recognize that accidents happen. When you do the same thing again four years later, you have to wonder if there is a Barney Fife gene affecting half the electorate.

The Republicans haven’t learned that they need to lie, cheat, intimidate, sling mud and bribe, like the Democrats, in order to win elections.

I predict that at the end of Obama’s second term, he and Democrats will still be blaming everything on President Bush.

The Kansas Star Casino lost a good friend and supporter this past election in the new House District 116, Rep. Vince Wetta, D-Wellington.

Since the fluoride issue has failed, I’m so glad that I no longer work as a dental assistant. Now I don’t have to listen to a bunch of losers whine to me because they have a toothache or a cavity.

More American cities need to remove IQ-reducing fluoride from their water before any more elections to prevent further disasters.

What’s next for Mitt Romney? I guess there’s always “Dancing With the Stars” with Bristol Palin.

I miss Marilyn Chapman. I even miss Bill Gale.

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