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11/10/2012 12:00 AM

11/09/2012 6:09 PM

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Wichitans lament the lack of diversity and big-name bands with regard to local concert acts, yet Jackson Browne and Aerosmith were booked at Intrust Bank Arena and the Orpheum, respectively. on the same night. Nice planning.

Men have no idea what carrying a baby for nine months is like. If you are raped and get pregnant, you should have a choice whether to have it or not. Men should not have the power to make that decision.

The Republicans shouldn’t get into totally remaking their party. People will be ready to go to them for the midterm elections in two years, and for sure for the elections in four years.

We have U.S. secretary of state globe-trotting and promoting democracy and fair elections across the planet. We also have the secretaries of state in Kansas, Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio trying to suppress the local votes. If elections have consequences, it’s time for a grand jury investigation and recalls.

Since Kris Kobach’s efforts in the area of voter suppression didn’t work so well, perhaps he should start a crusade to repeal the 19th Amendment and rescind the right of women to vote.

Nola Foulston for governor of Kansas. Please. Let’s get rid of the arrogance and get some reasonability.

Tax cuts and pretty fountains are not going to attract people to a state where discrimination is up for a vote.

More new math – Mitt Romney’s 47 percent became President Obama’s 50 percent. Surprise, surprise.

A planned central economy relieves the blight of monopoly.

I always had a full-time job for 40 years, and often had a part-time job to bring a little extra money. My wife also worked a full-time job and, for 20 years, a part-time job as well. It’s not fair that we should give to the takers when they should be workers.

The long lines of people waiting to vote were Obama’s way of preparing people for the long lines they will face waiting to see a doctor under Obamacare.

The former president of Penn State has been indicted for what a prosecutor called a “conspiracy of silence.” Obama has misled us about the attacks and deaths in Benghazi. Shouldn’t he be equally responsible for those misdeeds?

Impeach Obama based on turning his back on the ambassador at Benghazi.

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