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November 12, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 12)

Kansas voted for Mitt Romney by a 60 percent majority. This will give Thomas Frank the opportunity to write another book.

Kansas voted for Mitt Romney by a 60 percent majority. This will give Thomas Frank the opportunity to write another book.

In times of national need, economic service to the nation is just as much of a duty as military service. Anyone who abandons the national need should be treated as a deserter.

On Nov. 6, a contest took place: the Republican Party versus Reality. Reality won.

This election proves the American people are not as stupid as the Republicans think we are.

The Democrats have succeeded in cobbling together a voting constituency that has discovered it can use the power of the ballot box to vote itself the fruits of other people’s labor. The United States of America, as we have known it, is officially dead.

Since the voter-suppression measures failed to get the Republicans into the White House, maybe it is time for new fail-safe measures. For all the future elections, reserve the voting rights for the DNA-confirmed direct descendants of the Mayflower immigrants.

It’s quite odd how when the American people are called to testify before Congress and they “lie,” they are prosecuted and publicly disgraced. Yet when Congress or the White House lies to the American people, there are no consequences to pay.

All who support President Obama in Kansas seem to think that only the Koch brothers give to campaigns. What about George Soros on the left? You don’t think he bought a president?

If the Republican billionaires can spend $400 million to try to defeat President Obama, then they can obviously afford to pay higher taxes.

The “minorities” now know they rule the ballot box. White males are out of luck.

After Tuesday’s state elections, we need to change all the “Welcome to Kansas” signs to: “You are now entering Brownbackistan – live here at your own risk.”

I am optimistic about Obama’s second term to the extent Republicans in Congress are able and willing to compromise and cooperate; otherwise, prepare for the cliff.

Let the Bush-era tax cuts expire. We need to pay down our debt.

I am curious how voters in Rhode Island, New York and other Northeast states were able to vote with all the damage in those states. Were voting polls available or imaginary?

Apparently a percentage of the American women are easily fooled and swayed on Election Day.

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