Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 9)

11/09/2012 12:00 AM

11/08/2012 5:25 PM

Having quit smoking for nearly a year, I picked up the habit again after the first presidential debate. Thank you, President Obama, for winning the election. I might be able to quit again now.

People of this country are more stupid than I thought.

If Mitt Romney had released his tax returns, he could have blamed his loss on them. Instead, he will now forever be haunted by the fact that people just don’t like him.

Will Romney now be a good citizen and tell us his plan for creating jobs – all those jobs he promised, the ones not needing tax dollars? Answer: Of course not. He never had a plan.

Obama won without an economic agenda, just his hidden agendas. Heck with it – we all might as well move to Colorado.

The Republicans had one agenda – make Obama fail so he would become a one-term president. Well, it looks like they failed instead and he succeeded in spite of their refusal to compromise with him on any issue. I hope they at least try to meet him halfway now, or they may be voted out.

I hope all you people who voted for Obama this time are as happy at the end of the next four years as you are now. Whom is he going to blame for the previous four years? Maybe he needs to take a look in the mirror.

The president’s campaign message four years ago was “hope” and “change.” This year it was “Forward.” All of you Obama supporters better get in line, because the only thing moving “forward” will be the welfare line you’re standing in.

Hey, Koch brothers – how did that trying to buy the election work out for you?

Maybe the Koch brothers could buy an election in Bulgaria.

New JFK slogan: Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what the hell is the government is going to do for me?

Hey, Gov. Sam Brownback – it’s time to get ready for Obamacare. You already gave back $30 million. Really smart move. Not.

What’s all this hubbub about putting Florida in our water? How’s it gonna fit?

If your pets are free to roam the streets, they will get hit by cars. It’s a proven fact. It happens everywhere. You probably let your small children play outside unattended, too. Don’t cry over something you could have avoided.

Thanks to the thieves who stole our 1997 Honda Accord and abandoned it at Towne East Square. We are left to clean up your mess now and pay to have it repaired. Too bad you can’t use those skills to get a decent job and quit interfering with other people’s livelihood.

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