Opinion Line (Nov. 8)

11/08/2012 12:00 AM

11/07/2012 5:01 PM

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Our congressmen and senators need to put politics aside and start doing the jobs they are well-paid to do. It is time to focus on this country and the problems we all face. Compromise and help move our country forward.

Our long national nightmare has just begun.

The “takers” re-elected Obama, not the hardworking people who want their money spent wisely.

It is not possible to denigrate half the people and expect them to gladly accept it, especially when they are the ones who pay the taxes that keep the boat afloat.

I can see it now – four more years of Bush-bashing.

Why all the fuss, bother and expense? Just let Ohio alone vote on who will be president of the United States.

And all the Kochs’ horses and all the Kochs’ men couldn’t keep Obama from the White House again.

Truly, the two happiest days of my life: When I married my wife. When Mitt Romney was defeated.

I’ve done everything I can to keep this economy going up till now. Now it’s the liberals’ turn to do the same.

Fluoride, shmuoride. Obviously, since Obama was re-elected, we should be more fearful of the stupid juice that’s in the water around the country.

Bigotry is alive and well in Salina and Hutchinson. So much for “love your neighbor as yourself.”

It is an embarrassment to the people of Sedgwick County that the election commissioner failed to correct the problems seen during the primary. We knew the results of the presidential election before we knew any local results.

I am ashamed of the Republicans for cutting the hours and days to vote. Millions of people have given their lives for the freedom to vote, and voting should be expanded.

My wife was right: They wouldn’t take my Brooks Liquor discount card at the polling place.

For those lambasting New York and New Jersey residents for building on waterfront properties: Why did you build in Tornado Alley? If your home blows away, you will be expecting federal and state assistance as well.

Maybe the Chiefs should play the Jayhawks. That way at least one of them would win.

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