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November 7, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 7)

I would love to go to the new casino. I have avoided it because of the smoke. Couldn’t there be a room set aside for nonsmokers?

I would love to go to the new casino. I have avoided it because of the smoke. Couldn’t there be a room set aside for nonsmokers?

The Kansas Corporation Commission is giving Kansas Gas Service another $2 of my money a month. I have no idea where I am going to get that money. Thanks, KCC and Kansas Gas. And some people wonder where Democrats come from.

Hey, elected city officials: You knew how much the job paid when you took it, so quit whining.

I find it interesting that the always left-leaning editorial board of The Wichita Eagle, during one of the most important elections of our lifetime, chose to vote “present” and not make an endorsement when it came to the presidential race. Please explain why.

While casting my ballet by mail, I found it discouraging that on the state and local levels, Republicans run mostly unopposed by anyone. I would at least like to feel that I have an option and that my vote counts.

I hear a lot of people say “don’t vote Democrat” or “don’t vote Republican.” That’s exactly what’s wrong with our country. Be a well-informed voter. Do the legwork, invest time, and look past the “R” and “D” and vote for the person who can better our great country.

Some politicians are there only for a privileged few. But there are many voters who will vote them into office who are not even close to being part of the privileged few.

Congratulations to Denver’s Channel 9 reporter Kyle Clark, who has the courage to do for the American public what major network anchors and the ladies of “The View” have no interest in doing – holding politicians accountable.

KSN, Channel 3, broadcast a game in which KU struggled in a 12-point victory over Washburn University. I assume KSN has a contract with KU, because it could have and should have covered the Shockers, who destroyed Pittsburg State in an exciting 100-56 victory. Oops.

I saw the Shocker game against Pittsburg State. The cheerleader constantly saying “wooooo” into the megaphone got annoying fast. As a single-ticket buyer, I am not yet committed to a whole season, and I am not going to if the “woooo” continues.

The residential neighborhood speed limit, which was raised years back from 20 to 30 mph, may be part of why cats and dogs are being struck and killed. Driving at 30 mph does not give people time to stop when a cat darts in front of them, especially at night. Keep your cats inside and clean out your litter boxes.

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