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11/07/2012 12:00 AM

11/06/2012 8:09 PM

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What would you call a Kansan who gets hit by a tornado when he has five days advance warning that it’s coming? Exactly.

Before we get any full-time, $83,000-a-year Wichita City Council members, we taxpayers need to vote on city-county consolidation.

The two presidential campaigns spent nearly $2 billion for a job that pays $400,000 a year. No wonder our federal government is $16 trillion in debt.

The thing that frustrated me the most this campaign season was not knowing who was telling the truth. With the babble from the candidates, their minions and the “news” media, I felt like I was being fed a trainload of malarkey. Does anyone really know what the truth is?

I understood when the churches took over a political party. But the fact that a political party has now taken over my church has shaken my faith in the church. I will keep my faith in God, not in a church that is run by men, for men, with men.

At times I wonder which people are doing the most damage to our country – those who belong to the National Rifle Association, or those in the tea party. It’s a close race.

The union brotherhood is a greater danger to our country than the Muslim Brotherhood.

I can’t believe people can file for bankruptcy when they have lived well beyond their means, and lie to the courts about their income and continue to take expensive vacations. I believe the courts should pull their bankruptcy and make them pay their creditors.

Responsible pet owners do not put their pets in jeopardy by allowing them to freely roam the neighborhood. Would you let your child roam about wantonly? Blaming traffic is naive.

Keep your cats inside. If changing a cat box daily is too much trouble, maybe you should rethink having a cat. Furnish cat toys for your cat, and play with it, and it will be content for you to enjoy and love for a long time.

I received an offer from the Kansas City Chiefs to use their state-of-the-art suites to make a statement of excellence to entertain customers, reward associates, etc. How would watching them be a statement of excellence?

Thank you to all who made the Wichita Toy Run Rally a great success. I think the rally was well-planned and well-executed. I hope to see it happen again next year.

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