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11/06/2012 12:00 AM

11/05/2012 5:42 PM

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Why should I care who funds a political ad? It is the message that is important. I don’t believe any campaign ad until I prove its validity.

The Brownback administration sent a mailing to tell businesspeople that their income tax would be reduced or eliminated in 2013. To be fair, it also should have notified low-income people that their tax would go up when they lose credits.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s stifling of dissent (his purge of his party’s moderates), manipulation of the legislative process (the trickery in passing his massive tax-cut bill), and failing to rule out breaking a promise made to Kansans (temporary 2010 sales-tax hike) aren’t gubernatorial character traits that I respect.

Anyone who thinks we can cut defense spending hasn’t been reading the newspaper. Everything in the Middle East is ready to explode. Do you want that mess spilling over to the United States?

I now have reasons to truly admire and respect New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Why do the taxpayers have to bail out New Jersey and New York to restore their waterfront properties? The federal government told everybody to have a two-week supply of food and water on hand for emergencies, and now they are crying like babies. I say: Forget about it.

I am sick of seeing people interviewed on the East Coast whining that they have to stand in lines for anything, all the while doing absolutely nothing to help themselves. They must be Obama supporters, because they think the government should do everything.

The Republicans dug a hole from here to China in eight years. Now they stand back and tell Obama he’s not filling it in fast enough.

The Wichita police and fire departments are understaffed, but some of our overpaid and underworked elected officials now want to be full time so they can make the same salary as their cousins at Sedgwick County. For a change, let’s cut the bloated elected officials instead of the workers.

Thank you to K-State coach Bill Snyder for being such an incredible mentor to all the young lives he’s touched. Think what a great country this would be if every child got to spend a couple of years learning his values and work ethic.

Someone forgot to adjust the sundial on Kellogg from daylight saving time. I missed my Egg McMuffin by one hour.

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