Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 6)

11/05/2012 5:03 PM

11/05/2012 5:03 PM

It has been three years since the massacre at Fort Hood. Does anyone think we are going to get a quick answer about the attack on our State Department team in Libya?

You can’t win an election based on the merits of your candidates, so you do all you can to keep people from voting. We’ve truly lost our democracy.

President Obama is borrowing from our children’s future. Our nation’s credit rating has been downgraded. Our children will be forced to repay this gigantic debt, and they will have to do so with greatly increased interest rates. The time for our country to reverse direction is nigh.

I thought Obama’s socialist government was going to care for people like the Sandy victims. He’s too busy running around the country trying to get re-elected so we can have four more years of his inept governing. He should be sent packing to Hollywood with his fellow self-centered cronies.

I challenge all Mitt Romney supporters to find an article stating Romney’s bus ever made an actual storm relief delivery.

Obama ignored all of the warnings from the 2010 elections and continued to sit on his thumbs and do nothing. Goodbye.

Romney is not anti-choice. He is pro-life, especially for the more than a million babies in the womb who are slaughtered in this country every year. Half of them are women, don’t you know?

Wrong about immigration, global warming, evolution, reproductive rights, gay rights, voter fraud and renewable energy – so why vote Republican?

I wholeheartedly agreed with the well-stated “Get rid of parties” (Nov. 5 Letters to the Editor). Political parties spend too much time and money degrading the opposing party instead of finding solutions. Sadly, it will never change. The faultfinding will go on while compromise seldom happens.

Diapers and politicians become much the same in the end.

Liberals and conservatives both complain that The Eagle is biased in favor of the other guy. That tells me The Eagle is doing something right.

The highest (or lowest, depending on your point of view) form of ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about.

There have to be sacrificial subjects in times of national need. It can’t be helped.

Last weekend I was in Kansas City; gas was $3.16. Sunday I was in Salina; gas was $3.09. I get back to Wichita; it is $3.23. What is up with that?

Fluoride? We don’t need no stinkin’ fluoride.

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