Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 5)

11/05/2012 12:00 AM

11/02/2012 6:41 PM

The egregiously dishonest advocates of water fluoridation are apparently so fearful of losing that they feel compelled to take down all the “vote no” yard signs. Nine signs have been taken from our street. What would we conclude? That the “yes” campaign is a fear-based, reprehensible campaign.

It appears that fluoridating the water is kind of like Obamacare. We have to pass it first before we know what the cost will be.

I am utterly fanatical about flossing and brushing, and I’ve still lost teeth and get cavities under very old fillings. It’s called life, and wear and tear, and it happens. Fluoride in the water wouldn’t have made any difference.

How can anyone deny that the obstructionist policies of Republicans have dramatically slowed the recovery? Their actions have been near treason.

Ah, Kansas weather – as changeable as Mitt Romney’s politics.

Four Americans were killed in Libya while doing their jobs for us. If you think they matter, learn about them and learn about what happened. Remember them on Tuesday. Benghazi matters.

We lost four Americans in Libya. I get it. We lost nearly 3,000 civilians on Sept. 11, including 55 military personnel at the Pentagon, on President Bush’s watch. He was warned and he ignored the intelligence. Bush was treated as a hero for his inaction.

I didn’t buy into “2016: Obama’s America” any more than I did “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Romney’s best promise is that not only will he take office, but he’ll take responsibility for the office as well, as opposed to the blame-it-on-everybody-else president we have now.

I find it strange that people are worrying about Mitt Romney’s wealth when Obama is nothing but a puppet for multibillionaire George Soros.

New Jersey electrical unions should be ashamed of themselves for denying nonunion workers to help restore power to citizens affected by super-storm Sandy. This type of thuggery has no place in our society.

Apparently it’s legal to run red lights in this town. I’ve never seen more people blatantly run red lights as they do here. I’ve seen it happen many times right in front of cops, but yet they do nothing. Cameras should be installed at all intersections, with tickets to follow.

Who cares if the toddlers or their parents eat the Halloween candy? Their costumes are the cutest ones, and I don’t care who gets the candy. Stop complaining and enjoy the kids.

I am way in my senior years and have mobility problems, but I enjoyed giving out candy to the little ones and the joy they had.

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